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Palm Encoding Setup

Synchronize your Palm and Mac with full support for national characters!

Do you write on the Mac and the Palm in your language and need your data to be transferred correctly? Does your Palm display “<String is unprintable>” or question marks instead of important information? Would you like to read text from your Mac on your Palm?

With Palm Encoding Setup and Palm Doc Converter you will finally be able to correctly synchronize data with national characters between your Palm and Mac.



Palm Encoding Setup is compatible with Apple iSync, Palm Desktop, Microsoft Entourage, Mark/Space Notebook (or the older MemoPad) and other Missing Sync conduits and independent on your synchronization software (HotSync or Missing Sync for Palm OS). It allows correct transfer of data containing national characters between all applications supported by this software, for example names and addresses (Address Book) or memos (Memo Pad) in your language.

The application is compatible with all common encodings (Central European, Romanian, Baltic, Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Unicode see details), which are used in software localizations for Palm OS handheld computers. PDAs with other operating systems (Windows Mobile, used by Palm Treo 800w, or WebOS, used by Palm Pre) are not supported.

Marks/Space Notebook, Mark/Space MemoPad, Address Book, iCal, Palm Desktop, Microsoft Entourage - iSync, HotSync, Mark/Space Missing Sync for Palm OS + Palm Encoding Setup - Palm


Once the application changes the encoding, which the synchronization software uses, it does not interfere with the synchronization itself or the functioning of the system. Therefore it doesn't affect the performance or stability of the system.

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Palm Encoding Setup is very easy to use. You receive a manual with the application, which will guide you through the installation and first synchronization. The following synchronizations will run as usual. The manual also contains solutions for possible problems and will help you choose a localization for your Palm (some are free) if you do not yet have one.

What Users Say

Amazing. I wish Apple had done this years ago!!! (I wrote them many times requesting that they fix this and telling them what was needed - but they never responded.) -- Anonymous review from MacUpdate

Thank you for the very useful app. It should have been Apple/PalmOne's duty. -- A. T., Clié user, Hong Kong

The software worked as described. Received fantastic email support from the author. Apart from the fact that this is the only solution to iSync's foreign language problem, it really is a nice implementation at a fair price. -- "Whytoi", China

Helping Africa

mapEveryone who purchased a copy of Palm Encoding Setup, contributed one dollar to the Schools for Africa project organized by Člověk v tísni (People in Need), a Czech charity organization. The collected funds helped build elementary schools in Ethiopia, where less than half of the children can attend schools. (See more infomation in Czech and English.) Thank you.

News 2011/8/22 (Palm Encoding Setup and Palm Doc Converter applications discontinued.)

I do not plan to release any updates for Palm Encoding Setup and Palm Doc Converter. Both applications can now be dowloaded and used for free, and both still work on the current version of Mac OS X.

Now seems to be a good time to do this as Palm OS is effectively outdated by two generations (Palm OS and webOS). It's kind of sad to see another great mobile UI created by Palm go.

- Download version 1.9.23, Universal Binary (482 KB)
System Requirements
- Mac OS X 10.4.x or later.
Universal Binary
- A Palm OS PDA. Windows Mobile or webOS PDAs made by Palm, such as Treo 800w or Palm Pre are not supported.
Supported Software
- iSync + Palm Conduit
- Palm Desktop 4.0 or 4.2.1
(both free)
- MS Entourage X/2004
- Mark/Space Notebook (MemoPad) and other Missing Sync for Palm OS conduits
- Palm OS localization with a supported encoding
After downloading, you can check if application detects your synchronization software and supports your encoding. The software is now discontinued and you can use it for free with the following activation code:


- Download version 1.9.23 (482 KB)
Free E-book Solution
iconFor the solution to be complete, we have developed an independent freely distributed application Palm Doc Converter, thanks to which you can convert, create and edit electronic books for the Palm in an encoding of your choice.
- Download version 1.9.5 (699 KB)
The software is now discontinued and you can use it for free with the following activation code: