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Palm Doc Converter

Convert text to Palm Doc, convert Palm Doc to your encoding.
Read text files from your computer on your Palm.

Using this freeware application you can convert electronic books between the Palm Doc (also called PalmDoc) format and common text formats (.txt, .rtf, .doc and other) with support for national encodings and Unicode. This way you can read text files from your computer on your Palm with full support for national characters.

The application will also enable you to open Palm Doc documents in nearly any text editor which supports filters or services (for example TextEdit) as well as save Palm Doc from these applications.

Supported conversions

  • any text -> Palm Doc (with conversion of encoding)
  • Palm Doc -> plain text (with conversion of encoding)
  • text -> plain text (with conversion of encoding)
  • text -> plain text (with conversion of encoding)

Note: Palm Doc is also sometimes called PalmDoc (the two words run together), there is no technical difference between the two names.

Supported text formats (other than Palm Doc)

  • plain text (.txt) in supported encodings
  • formatted text .rtf and .rtfd (TextEdit documents)
  • simple HTML web pages without tables (.html, .htm)
  • Microsoft Word documents (.doc)
  • all text formats which will be supported directly by Mac OS X in the future

Supported Encodings

Central EuropeanISOWindowsMac
Chinese TraditionalBig 5Big 5 HK SCS**Mac
Chinese SimplifiedGB 2312-1980 (raw)Mac
EUC (“GB2312”)
ChineseGB 18030-2000GBK (Windows)
KoreanEUC (“KSC5601”)KSC 5601Mac
* KOI8-U requires at least Mac OS X 10.3  ** Big 5 HK SCS requires at least Mac OS X 10.2

Grayish encodings are available for text documents only, the other encodings are also available for Palm Doc. Plain ASCII and all HTML encodings recognized by the system are also supported.

The application is capable of guessing the encoding of the source file. If it is not possible to convert to target encoding without a loss, similar characters are used (for example when converting to ASCII À is substituted by an ordinary A).

Where to find Palm Doc documents

You can find free Palm Doc electronic documents on these websites:

Electronic books in the form of text files, which can easily be transferred to your Palm using Palm Doc Converter:

Palm Doc Readers

There is a large number of Palm Doc readers available on the web for Palm as well as other platforms (for example TomeRider supports EPOC and Windows CE)

News 2011/8/22 (Palm Encoding Setup and Palm Doc Converter applications discontinued.)

I do not plan to release any updates for Palm Encoding Setup and Palm Doc Converter. Both applications can now be dowloaded and used for free, and both still work on the current version of Mac OS X.

Now seems to be a good time to do this as Palm OS is effectively outdated by two generations (Palm OS and webOS). It's kind of sad to see another great mobile UI created by Palm go.

- Download version 1.9.5, Universal Binary (699 KB)
Free Download
Download a free copy of Palm Doc Converter (BSDL source included).
- Download version 1.9.5 (699 KB)
Synchronize with full support for national characters!
iconDo you write on the Mac and the Palm in your language and need your data to be transferred correctly? Does your Palm display "<String is unprintable>" or question marks instead of important information? Would you like to read text from your Mac on your Palm?

With Palm Encoding Setup you will finally be able to correctly synchronize data with national characters between your Palm and Mac.
- Product page

News in 1.9.9-1.9.23: Missing Sync 5 and the new Entourage supported

This version supports the new Missing Sync 5 conduits (Mark/Space Contacts, Events MemoPad and Tasks) and also the latest update of MS Entourage 2004 (conduit version 11.2.0).

Other improvements include support of the Unicode encodings which can be used for example in conjunction with the free Korean Palm OS localization KOSPI.