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Lokiware – Adam Nohejl

When you purchase one of the shareware products, you will receive a registration code (activation code, serial number) by email. In order to retrieve a lost code, enter the email address you used for ordering the product, or the order ID (usually formatted as LOK......-....-..... or as ST........, where the dots stand for digits).

Lost code retrieval


Trouble retrieving your code?

If you cannot retrieve the code using your email address or order ID, you can email me: . Please include as much details about the order as you remember: what exactly you purchased, when you did it, what name, email address and billing address you have most likely used.

What to do until you receive the code

You can always use Attachment Tamer in trial mode by clicking the Try It button after launching Mail. The trial mode does not limit any features and you will be able to enter the registration code later: either when you relaunch Mail via the reminder window, or any time via preferences.